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List of Parishes of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Gumaca

Vicariate of St. Peter
Vicar Forane: Father Higinio L. Faller

  • Cathedral (F-1726)
    Address: Gumaca 4307 Quezon, Philippines
    Phone: +63 42 317-6695
    Pop.: 55,352; Cath.: 54,953
    Titular: San Diego de Alcala, November 13
    Rector: Msgr. Ordelo R. Lontoc
    Parochial Vicars: Father Nieto G. Lopinac Jr. and Father Gabriel S. Villafañe
    Attached Priest: Father Antonio A. Aguilar
  • Lopez (F-1861)
    Address: 4316 Quezon, Philippines
    Phone: +63 42 841-1252
    Pop.: 81,285; Cath.: 72,958
    Titular: Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary, October 7
    Parish Priest: Father Felix M. Zoleta
    Parochial Vicars: Msgr. Candido C. Umali and Father Enrico B. Barreto
    Attached Priest: Father Christopher C. Parraba
    Priest-in-charge of Proposed Parish in Magallanes: Father Rustom C. Dirain
  • Magsaysay, Lopez (F-2008)
    Address: 4316 Quezon, Philippines
    Pop.: 16,188; Cath.: 14,569
    Titular: Sacred Heart of Jesus, second Friday of June
    Parish Priest: Father Ricardo Mariano T. Eleazar
  • Buenavista (F-1955)
    Address: 4320 Quezon, Philippines
    Pop.: 23,033; Cath.: 22,149
    Titular: St. Lawrence the Deacon, August 10
    Parish Priest: Father Perpetuo Arnold O. Relles
  • Hondagua (F-1961)
    Address: Lopez, 4317 Quezon, Philippines
    Phone: +63 42 302-6826
    Pop.: 11,180; Cath.: 10,265
    Titular: St. Isidore the Farmer, May 15
    Parish Priest: Father Higinio L. Faller
  • San Vicente (F-1956)
    Address: Gumaca, 4307 Quezon, Philippines
    Phone: +63 42 841-1133
    Pop.: 10,320; Cath.: 8,343
    Titular: St. Vincent Ferrer Shrine, last Friday of April
    Parish Priest: Father Noel Voltaire E. Olaya
    Vicariate of St. John
    Vicar Forane: Father Genaro M. de Castro
  • Tagkawayan (F-1943)
    Address: 4321 Quezon, Philippines
    Phone: +63 42 304-8035; 304-8349
    Pop.: 45,140; Cath.: 42,327
    Titular: Our Lady of Lourdes, February 11
    Parish Priest: Father Celso L. Barretto
  • Aloneros (F-1956)
    Address: Guinayangan, 4319 Quezon, Philippines
    Pop.: 10,351; Cath.: 9,280
    Titular: St. Anthony of Padua, June 13
    Parish Priest: Father Genaro M. de Castro
  • Guinayangan (F-1830)
    Address: 4319 Quezon, Philippines
    Phone: +63 42 303-4120
    Pop.: 37,785; Cath.: 32,747
    Titular: St. Aloysius Gonzaga, June 21
    Parish Priest: Father Ibarra M. Zoleta
    In-Residence: Father Rommel G. Rosales
  • Calauag (F-1846),
    Address: 4318 Quezon, Philippines
    Phone: +63 42 301-7076
    Pop.: 98,852; Cath.: 84,075
    Titular: St. Peter the Apostle, June 29
    Parish Priest: Msgr. Ramon C. Tiama, HP
    Parochial Vicars: Father Gabriel S. Villafañe
    In-Residence: Rommel G. Rosales
  • Tiniguiban (F-2007)
    Pop.: 7,307; Cath.: 6,686
    Titular: Banal na Espiritu, May 27
    Parish Priest: Father Edilberto L. Medina
  • Apad (F-2009)
    Address: Calauag 4318 Quezon, Philippines
    Pop.: 13,177; Cath.: 11,081
    Titular: Our Lady of Fatima, Oct. 13
    Priest-in-Charge: Father Enrico Paulo M. Agra
    Vicariate of St. Matthew
    Vicar Forane: Father Reynante P. Talento
  • Perez (F-1964)
    Address: 4334 Quezon, Philippines
    Pop.: 13,687; Cath.: 11,665
    Titular: St. Anthony of Padua, June 13
    Parish Priest: Father Reynante P. Talento
  • Alabat (F-1940)
    Address: 4333 Quezon, Philippines
    Pop.: 15,654; Cath.: 13,603
    Titular: Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, July 16
    Parish Priest: Father Romulo C. Comia
    Parochial Vicar: Father Nieto G. Lopinac Jr.
  • Quezon (F-1919)
    Address: 4332 Quezon Province, Philippines
    Pop.: 15,623; Cath.: 14,594
    Titular: Holy Cross, May 3
    Parish Priest: Father Rinaldi S. Sayson
    Vicariate of St. Paul
    Vicar Forane: Father Lowell R. Malabanan
  • Macalelon (F-1875)
    Address: 4309 Quezon, Philippines
    Pop.: 25,826; Cath.: 20,660
    Titular: Immaculate Conception, December 8
    Parish Priest: Father Jose Pancracio C. Seco
  • General Luna (F-1937)
    Address: 4310 Quezon, Philippines
    Pop.: 11,795; Cath.: 11,045
    Titular: St. Ignatius of Loyola, July 31
    Parish Priest: Father Venancio M. Zoleta Jr.
  • Pitogo (F-1850)
    Address: 4308 Quezon, Philippines
    Phone: +63 42 318-8249
    Pop.: 22,455; Cath.: 21,024
    Titular: Conversion of St. Paul, January 25
    Parish Priest: Father Jose Jay C. Pagcaliwagan
  • San Isidro (PIDAC)
    Address: Gen. Luna, 4310 Quezon, Philippines
    Pop.: 12,530; Cath.: 11,750
    Titular: San Lorenzo Ruiz de Manila, September 28
    Parish Priest: Father Lowell R. Malabanan
    Vicariate of St. Luke
    Vicar Forane: Father Rey D. Merca
  • San Isidro (F-1962)
    Address: Catanauan, 4311 Quezon, Philippines
    Pop.: 15,597; Cath.: 14,981
    Titular: St. Isidore the Farmer, May 15
    Parish Priest: Father Ronilo J. Pera
  • Catanauan (F-1855)
    Address: 4311 Quezon, Philippines
    Phone: +63 42 315-8193
    Pop.: 55,345; Cath.: 52,516
    Titular: Immaculate Conception, December 8
    Parish Priest: Msgr. Enrique A. Luna Jr.
    Parochial Vicars: Father Cristopher C. Parraba, Father Pedro Marlito S. Marcaida
  • Mulanay (F-1835)
    Address: 4312 Quezon, Philippines
    Pop.: 45,903; Cath.: 42,910
    Titular: St. Peter the Apostle, June 29
    Parish Priest: Father Angelo Ramil D. Caparros
    Parochial Vicar: Father Jose Niño A. de Leon
  • Sumagonsong (F-2006)
    Address: 4312 Quezon, Philippines
    Pop.: 15,240; Cath.: 14,920
    Titular: Ina ng Laging Saklolo, June 27
    Parish Priest: Father Renante A. Arenque
  • San Francisco (F-1954)
    Address: 4315 Quezon, Philippines
    Pop.: 57,861; Cath.: 46,528
    Titular: St. Francis of Assisi, October 4
    Parish Priest: Father Rey D. Merca
    Parochial Vicar: Father Zandro A. de Leon
    Vicariate of St. Mark
    Vicar Forane: Father Hannibal N. Pabello
  • San Narcisco (F-1846)
    Address: 4313 Quezon, Philippines
    Pop.: 36,738; Cath.: 32,855
    Titular: St. Joseph the Worker, May 1
    Parish Priest: Father Edwin S. Gliane
  • San Andres (F-1966)
    Address: 4314 Quezon, Philippines
    Pop.: 28,435; Cath.: 26,112
    Titular: St. Andrew, Nov. 30
    Parish Priest: Father Renato C. Baldovino Jr.
  • Abuyon (F-1994)
    Address: San Narciso, 4313 Quezon, Philippines
    Pop.: 11,669; Cath.: 11,518
    Titular: Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage
    Parish Priest: Father Hannibal N. Pabello

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